Start A Business Online

start an online business

Today, if you have a skill or an idea, the Internet makes it easy for anyone to start a business – and to easily connect with people all over the country or the world who are looking for what you have to offer.

73% of adults living in the U.S. use social media and trust online reviews and recommendations, as well as refer products and services to people they know. Your own website and/or some kind of social presence can help your business grow. It is easier and faster now than ever before to start a website, and there are very effective resources available to help you step by step to get set up and learn how to best market your business.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all used for connecting with people to ultimately sell products and services. Other social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and even SnapChat are also used strategically for marketing. Social media is more about attracting business to you (pulling interest vs pushing out ads).

Getting Started

If you would like to start a website, you have the option of getting your own domain name (a .com is preferred) or using a free service online. We recommend getting your own domain and your own hosting service because you will control all aspects of your website and not be at the mercy of the free service taking your site offline or even going out of business. If that happens you lose your business.

For around a $100 you can get both your domain name and the hosting for it for one year. Bluehost offers a package that includes both, plus a one-click WordPress installation that gives you an easy-to-use platform for the look and feel of your website (you don’t need a web designer).

A few notes about choosing your domain name: you can choose your name if you will be offering a service and want to brand your name ( You can choose a name that is related to the niche you are choosing to start your business so that people can recognize right away what your business is about. Or, you can choose a short, easy-to-remember name if you want to brand something fun to use on social media sites. Give it a little thought and then go to Bluehost where you can get your domain and hosting package for one small price.

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Next you will need some step-by-step help to getting your website up and running. You can search the Internet for free resources, but that can lead you down one bunny trail after another and take up way more time than it should to get your business started.

To learn about setting up your website and everything you need to know about niche marketing, we recommend investing in a resource we use: The Niche Success Blueprint.

It is very comprehensive and it was created by a business owner who has been working full time running her own business online for almost 20 years. She teaches what she does every day, including what has worked and what is working successfully for her. Plus she has innovative ideas that can produce fantastic results.

Our affiliate link for Niche Success Blueprint